Repairs and emergency measures
Hammerl GmbH

Hammerl GmbH in Vienna stands for quality and knowledge of old building structures. We preserve and even improve old housing.

Historic buildings imply a lot of work. Repair measures have to be carried out on a regular basis. We are your partner for repairs from cellars up to the roofs and everything in between. You can count on our knowledge in all areas. We can work as a general contractor and take all the work from your shoulders. Trust us, we have over 90 years of experience with historic building structures and our range of services is almost infinite.


Our range of services in the field of repairs and emergency measures:


Repairs of water damages

  • – Wet basements and ground floor walls
  • – Investigation and repairs of sewer damages
  • – Plastering repairs
  • – Rising damp

Terrace restructuring

  • Improvements of sealings for terraces and loggias including the involvement of balcony railings
  • Improvements of terrace doors
  • Renewal or improvement of floor structures

Window exchange

  • Filing of the window exchange
  • Renovation of old box-type windows including new sealings, fittings and other accessory (locks, doorstops…)
  • Renovation of old door frames

Cellar and vault renovations

Repairs of chimney heads

Drainage of masonry

MEWP works

Troubleshooting for wastewater sewers

  • – Investigation of the sewer with cameras by specialized companies
  • – Repairs

… and much more


We offer competent services for your reconstruction or renovation projects. You can reach us via phone or use the contact form.

Repairs in Vienna

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