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General contractor in Vienna Construction company
Ing. Kurt Hammerl GmbH


Upon request, we provide full service as a general contractor. This way we can offer all kinds of works to you as a complete package. We include experts from approved partner companies, who we have been working together with for many years. We coordinate all activities as a supervisor. To ensure highest quality standards, we only work with competent Austrian crafts companies and traders.
Upon request, we at Ing. Kurt Hammerl GmbH may also act as your general contractor. Covering all technical disciplines, this is how we can offer all kinds of works to you as complete package and one-stop solution for the (planning and) implementation of your entire project.

Being responsible for the overall coordination of your project, we would offer extensive and competent advice, with the help of consulted experts from our well-established business partners. When using specialized subcontractors, we only collaborate with competent Austrian handicraft businesses and commercial enterprises we have successfully worked with for many years–to assure outstanding quality for all of the work performed by any, and all of our hires.

Ing. Kurt Hammerl GmbH is able to carry out all works and services as general contractor on your behalf-from the start of the initial planning phase to the eventual turnkey handover!

What you get is one reliable personal contact for all sectors, who is always at your service. That’s a big advantage!

We monitor schedules and cash flows for you, and would be responsible for the overall coordination of your project as regards all work components and processes that are required to finalize your project until fault-free handover. In case of any liability claim that should occur, we would take care of your matter immediately and would also be your only contact point for every single work component performed.

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